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Very few non-profit organizations are leveraging and mobilizing one of their MOST VALUABLE assets – that army of “silent but passionate Advocates” who CARE about a cause, but who feel FRUSTRATED by their inability to help in the ways they are being asked to help.


There are THOUSANDS (if not TENS of thousands, even MILLIONS) of people who care DEEPLY about some cause, but who simply DON’T have the resource or time to become engaged in the ways they are being asked; but they STILL want to help “Make a Difference”!


We can show most any non-profit organization how to convert this pent-up passion into a new and additional source of recurring and growing revenue! We do this by providing this silent army with a never-ending series of simple, fun and fresh “tasks” – and when they COMPLETE those tasks, they are PERSONALLY recognized and rewarded, AND new revenue flows into the coffers of the non-profit organization!


We do this by having our project team work as an extension of the your organization’s marketing and outreach group, and by co-creating strategies and tactics that align the goals and objectives of a Corporate Sponsor with those of your non-profit organization.​


We create “Quadruple-Win” solutions! The passionate advocates win – the community wins – the Corporate Sponsor wins – and the non-profit wins!


You can download our “How It Works” document as an example of how we can work with your organization. Click on the images below to access our information.

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