Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

For over 20 years our experienced “Partner Development” team has worked with our clients to bring Corporate Sponsors to our projects, allowing us and our clients to achieve the objectives we strive for.

Working closely with our clients, we create the right strategies for our campaigns and deploy the tactics and assets that make our solutions effective.  Our proven model allows us to identify areas of interest and value to both the Corporate Sponsor and our client’s organization.  Depending on what the objectives and the desired outcomes are, we have relationships with companies in various industry sectors that want to get in front of your passionate fans, and who often have an audience through their own channels, including their own workforce, that help fulfill the needs of our campaigns.

We understand how important it is to have a strong Corporate Partner, and we can use our experience to help nurture a relationship that benefits all parties involved.

We leverage our partnerships with media companies (like Business Class News) to add value to our solutions, allowing our clients to often enjoy a level of media exposure that would normally be out of reach.


We use our partnerships with media companies like Business Class News to add value to our solutions allow you to offer some great benefits that would normally be out of reach.

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