Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Did you know that one of the MOST effective strategies that can be deployed to drive desired behavior and actions by your workforce is to establish a Peer-to-Peer recognition and rewards program?

Sure – if you’re an employee, it’s great when your employer recognizes something you’ve done that supports the organization’s goals. But it is REALLY something special when your own co-workers and colleagues are the ones who recognize what you’ve done!

Let us show you how to create a Recognition and Rewards program that NOT ONLY enables your workforce members to recognize those above-and-beyond behaviors and actions of their PEERS, but ALSO rewards THOSE WHO RECOGNIZE those desired behaviors in their peers.

The Institute in Excellence in Corporate Governance calls this a “self-governing organization”. Let us show you how to make this happen for YOUR organization!

Rewarding your workforce

Need to spark sales? Increase your market share? Motivate your salespeople? Recognize your best performers?  The kNEXTis XL Awards Solution (XLA) can turbo charge your sales force so you can boost sales during slow seasons, create focus on new or special products, generate team spirit, and sharpen competitive drive. We’ve helped hundreds of companies launch and manage thousands of incentive programs, resulting in dramatic expansion in market share and increased sales of up to 300 percent. So we know why sales incentive programs succeed – and why they fail. We’ve used this knowledge to create “The Incentive Playbook for Rewarding Performance,” an easy-to-read guide packed with the following valuable tips that will help make your next incentive program a success.

Play# 1: Cash Is Not King – Maslow knew how to motivate a sales team.

Play# 2: The A-B-C’s of Motivation – Motivate the middle to maximize results.

Play# 3: “What’s in It for Me?” – Make your rewards personal.

Play# 4: Get S.M.A.R.T – Craft realistic goals for a successful program.

Play# 5: Now Hear This! – Communication determines whether your program sizzles, or fizzles.

Play# 6: Give, and You’ll Receive -Incremental rewards keep the program growing.

Play# 7: Shine the Spotlight – Celebrate success and recognize the winners.

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