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In today’s business environment, keeping connected with your workforce and clients – and keeping them ENGAGED with you –  is crucial for the effectiveness and success of your business.

People are more and more working remotely – and it is now MISSION CRITICAL that they CONTINUE to feel that they are part of a team and organization, with shared visibility with their peers and leadership, and that they do NOT feel that they are “alone on an island”!

Our VIRTUAL WORKPLACE gives you the visibility you need to ensure your employees and contractors remain engaged and focused on your goals and objectives, even while they are working remotely.

Our unparalleled suite of features NOT ONLY creates an environment that simulates the look and feel – and EXPERIENCE – of you whole team working in a shared physical office, but also provides a platform that enables your team, in some ways, to have even MORE effective communications and results than they would in a bricks-and-mortar environment!

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Watch and listen to Karl Woolfenden, on his show Link’d AM on Business Class News talking to Toni Portmann , Co-Founder and CEO of Walkabout Office.

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